Friday, 1 November 2013

Resin cufflinks

Hello peeps, just a quick update.  
I have been playing with two part resin again and decided to make some cufflinks.  
A lot of my work blouses use cufflinks but there are very few female ones on the market, and even fewer that don't feature pink!

I backed them with some vintage pages from a book and some watch parts (boy these are hard to take apart...I may have to give in and purchase some already deconstructed watch parts!!).

One of a kind...a bit like me!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend



  1. Love these! Very cool design x

  2. I love your cufflinks! They definitely are unique.

  3. I went through a phase of tasking apart small watches ... And I have up too not enough bits you can use.
    These look fab though not what I would call feminine but don't you just get fed up with all the pink girly stuff, I don't really 'do' pink


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