Friday, 29 November 2013

Dies, free stash and a warning

Hello peeps, I hope you are all well.

Those of you who know me will recognise this scene:  Kyla at home, friends house, coffee shop or street....walks past some junk, rubbish and/or recycling....Kyla has a root through and pulls a bag from her pocket before stuffing new found goodies into said bag!! Yep, even at the WOYWW crops I ferret through the desk bins and LLJ once caught me peering into the kitchen bin (well you never know what you MIGHT find!!).

My latest discovery is cereal packets.  Now, I have often used them as a fake thinner chip board for crafting, but my favourite cereal is Dorset Cereal.

Whilst dismantling the box for recycling I noticed the inside was pure white and smooth......

 So I decided to cut it up carefully (rather than the carefree tearing I normally do!). I soon realised that the side panels fitted my X cut letter die....would the cardboard be thin enough to go through I wondered?

 Only one way to find out!

 Result!  Free smooth white letters that can be coloured with pens, inks, paint, embossing powders, foil, glitter.....the list goes on.  Because its cardboard it takes wet mediums quite well.

 I then tried the cereal box on a few other dies....this die is notorious in my craft room for causing an outburst of unladylike behaviour (me?  Never?!?!) as hardly anything cuts well on it apart from paper.

 But lo-and-behold!!  They too cut perfectly.

I coloured them with promarkers and promptly made a 'sailor jerry' inspired tattoo card.

So if you know me you have been warned....normally I am discrete with the bin diving round friends, I think I will be looking in their larders too and bagsying the cartons before they are used!!!

Also, I have been lucky enough to win 2 tickets to the craft show in Exeter in the new year!  Thanks Craft Stamper  magazine for choosing me as one of the winners.  After missing out on the NEC I am hoping Santa will be bringing me some cash so I can splash out of new stash!

Happy crafting



  1. Ahh Kyla. You have found an old favourite of mine - Dorset Cereals! I love their boxes but don't buy the stuff very much as there is only one or two flavours that don't have nuts in and I tend to stick to porridge. If you have small dies, the coloured sides are nice too with their slightly rough texture.
    Now on to porridge - Quaker Oats make great tags on the inside. They take ink lovely and the porridge being in a plastic bag they are lovely and clean! You can get 6 tags if you cut carefully!
    Hugs and have a good weekend!

  2. My favourite box for white card is shreddies :)
    Von ♥

  3. wow!! I love the end result of your crafty recycling!! Long time ago, back when I was too poor as a single parent and they just didn't sell nice papers and cardstock; I use to root through the recycle bin in my office building, you can't believe what lawyers toss out!!! those days are long gone but your post made me smile and reevaluate what I am tossing!!Thank you for Sharing and have a wonderful week!! Ginny #19

  4. That's a good idea - wait till my hubby sees me collecting even more 'art supplies'

    Thanks for sharing this week.

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    WOYWW #46


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