Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WOYWW and Bunting

Happy WOYWW peeps.  This week finds my desk with some Chrimbo items on it as I have properly started making cards (well the fronts, still waiting for the card blanks to be delivered....they really are very few card and art shops in the West).

I am doing some bird cards at the moment. Some of you may know that my darling father (and fellow crafter and painter) died earlier this year so Christmas will not be celebrated quite the same way this year so I am making some non religious (and to be honest not too Jolly Christmassy) cards I can send the immediate family.

Also on my desk is my cuppa (pushed right back so I don't do the inevitable dipping of the dirty paintbrush in it!!) and my night scene stamp (its just sitting there on the right, no idea what to do with it this year....hoping my mojo will surprise me!)

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week (it could be any variant but I chose)..."Exec Tells On Dead Killer Cop"!!!!!...ooohhhhh.....  

On a lighter is a picture of my bunting from my lounge thrown, without care, onto the chair....why?

 This is why.....LunchLady Jan kindly sent me some of her fabulous bunting...little did she know I have a red and cream/burlap lounge so hers matching marvelously so up it went straight away (I am taking bets on how long it takes the hubby to notice its change!!).

It was a fabulous giveaway on her blog-thanks Jan, its loveerlllyyyy and is in pride of place every time I walk into my dining room from the lounge.

Right, off for a legal snoop around some desks courtesy of the lovely Julia....come and join us...its calorie free!!!

Happy crafting


  1. The first Christmas is always hard after losing someone so close... but you'll come together as a family and survive! Love the look of your desk - and Jan's bunting could have been custom made for you. Helen 34

  2. Happy WOYWW. That bunting is definitely just made for your living room. Hope you can find some joy in Xmas this year. Your dad would want you all to be having fun. Ali x #49

  3. The first Christmas is, indeed, the worst. But it does get better, Enjoy the family, share stories, and remember. Jan's bunting is fab, it fits right in.

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (28)

  4. I so sympathise as we had the same thing last Christmas, the first without Mum. We talked about her a lot, did some of her favourite things and cherished her memory. Hard though....

    Well, that bunting just fits right in, doesn't it?? Really happy you like it...once again, thanks for making me giggle!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  5. You started my day with a chuckle with those cards, as that is some sentence! The bunting is lovely (my hubby wouldn't notice right away I am sure!). So sorry to read about your loss. I lost my husband 12/14/06 and remember that season like it was yesterday. I still struggle now even remarried, but I continue with the holidays and each season is filled with much more joy than sadness now. Wish you all the best! Winnie #74

  6. Aw the bunting looks fab, that LLJ is so clever as are you! I've used my Dr Who characters and you can see them on my desk today!! It must be hard to get the right balance of Christmas as I can only imagine how you all will feel. Loving your cards as always.Take care Zo xx 76

  7. You lucky thing winning that bunting! Its gorgeous. Sorry about the late visit this week! #53


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