Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hello peeps, I will be keeping this really short (see previous post for reason).

My workdesk this week is my bed and my October 365 journal.  I was able to do an hour crafting on Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 course yesterday, which was fabulous and I hope to do a bit more today but keeping my leg up in the air in my craft room is not easy!!

"Man Bites Dog" cards this week is "Dunks Burns Missing Rare Movie"-I wonder if there is  a famous film director called Dunks?

So, if you fancy a legal snoop at workdesks around the globe then pop over to the wonderful Julias blog (link over on the right).
Happy crafting



  1. I really love that calendar page! Especially the leaves! Makes me want to make my own pages again. I did a couple in 2011, but I couldn't keep up haha. Uniflame - 75

  2. Aw hope you recover speedily lovely, fab journal page as always! Take care Zo xx 73

  3. Lovely page indeed. But then I read DRUNK rather than DUNKS so my assessment could be just a little bit suspect...but I think not. :) From my basketball-playing days I might organize it as Burns Dunks Missing Rare Movie - and see in my head Mr Burns from the Simpsons dunking a movie reel LOL! But then whatever is the missing rare movie?

    I am determined to be early this week
    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (27)

  4. I read it that "Drunks" burned etc..So funny. I am taking the class too! My desk looks like it imploded! So many videos last night I didn't get to make any tags for this day yet (up early for work so had to get sleep..). Hope you are enjoyng it too! Winnie#76

  5. Kyla I just checked out your post below. I really hope you are starting to feel a bit better now. It must be so frustrating for you, I know it was for me when I fractured my shoulder blade. It drives you potty all the things you can't do, or have to get help to do. I can just imagine you sat in front of your monitor with your leg up on the desk, lol. Big Hugs, Have a good week,Shaz #31 xx

  6. Hi Kyla
    I hope you are starting to feel better at least you can 'hop' around the world this week, even if it's only via the computer. love Mary Anne's comment on the man bites dog cards he he
    enjoy the rest of the CC102 class
    happy Wednesday
    janet #15

  7. I hope your ankle heals well, and that you can move around again soon (meaning, when the doctors say it's ok to move around, not when you are fed up with lying still! ;) Lovely autumny October page!

  8. Hope you're enjoying CC102. There are so many techniques I'm a bit overwhelmed with information!


  9. Hi Kyla
    I hope you are keeping that foot up and that it is healing well for you. I love the journal pages such lovely autumn colours
    Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
    Ria #50

  10. Oh blimey, Kyla, I hadn't realised that you'd had the op. Keeping your foot elevated must be a huge trial, especially when you're trying to craft too. I really hope that the healing process is speedy for you and you're running around!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx


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