Tuesday, 29 October 2013

365 Challenge

Hello peeps.  If you are in the south of the UK I hope you survived the storm.  The wind howled and the rain chucked it down, but luckily everything in chez Kyla was ok, though my heart goes out to those poor souls who lost their lives Monday during the worst of the storm.

A few people have been asking how I am, so I thought I would do a quick update.  Following my ankle operation, the stitches are out and all healed and the physio is working me hard to try and get as much movement and stability in my ankle as possible-so fingers crossed it will be better than before the operation.  My rheumatoid arthritis means that I am totally exhausted but I am definitely getting there-so a huge thanks for your kind thoughts.

Now, onto the crafting stuff, in the drug haze I forgot to post October's 365 challenge page!

I am really pleased that I have been able to keep up with the journal.  For full details you can visit the highly talented Kate Cranes blog here

Right, its getting bloomin' chilly here so I am off to put the heating on and some fluffy socks!!!
Stay warm and happy crafting


  1. Glad that you're winning the recovery battle..I sincerely hope that it gives you back a quality of life for skipping and running!! love your October page..but..mosey posey, couldn't quite enlarge it enough to read your private notes!!!

  2. Saw this on FB earlier and was intrigued. Love it. Maybe next year I will try this?
    Glad to hear you are winning the battle. Well done.
    I am feeling a little better now I am getting used to the rigmarole of all the drugs and administering thereof! Such a faff!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Kyla xx Great page, and I'm so impressed that you can keep up with your calendar despite everything.


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