Saturday, 5 October 2013

A quick update

Hello peeps, I thought I should do a quick update as I have been absent for a while (I even missed WOYWW!!).

I have been in hospital for an operation on my ankle.  As some of you will know I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis nearly 3 years ago.  Now, I am not very good at accepting I cannot do everything I used to or that I need to slow down (and sometimes I even need to stop).  So the idea of not working 5 long days a week, crafting, gigging and generally being out and about for a few weeks was difficult to consider.

Now I have had the arthroscopy (put a camera inside my ankle, good old nose around and clean out and a lot of scar tissue inside cut away) and am on the big dose pain killers I now HAVE to accept that I am housebound for a while!  

Concentration is not great but hopefully over the next few days I can wean myself off the drugs a bit and maybe get some crafting done-but until then, my blog may be  a bit sketchy (not in a journal way!!).

Happy crafting (eventually)


  1. Hi kyla
    sorry to hear you have been having trouble but at least you know what the problem is and can learn to manage it. just think of all the crafting you can get done but still keep up with people via your blog ..... there are some great folks out there.
    If you want to send me your address I will send you a challenge in case you run out of ideas (as If ! )

  2. Janet..thanks but the drugs are making the brain a bit too foggy to craft most of the time! Will be back on form soon though, I am sure.

  3. I am so sorry you are having such a rotten time. I hope you are feeling better soon,

    Lucy x

  4. Hope you start to feel better soon.


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