Thursday, 17 October 2013

Creative Chemistry Day 4

 Hello once again-I thought I would blog my Day 4 of Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry class (it was last week but its taking me a week longer to complete as I am shattered after the surgery, and lets face it the whole point of an online class is the self pacing, right?

So, Day 4 is alcohol inks-now for a change I actually have several of these as I fell in love with them MANY years ago and I must admit I experimented back then with different techniques.  However, I have gotten a bit stuck in a rut and stopped experimenting so I was delighted with Tim's idea of alcohol inks and stencils!  Genius.

Yet another technique I will be using again, that's for sure.
Happy crafting



  1. Hi kyla

    Your tags are stunning!! Wasn't CC102nthe best yet??

    1. Hi Kaz, yes it was....we just need to convince Tim and Mario with CC103!

  2. Gorgeous tags, love the alcohol inks. Still yet to finish 101 so Daren't sign up for the next one! Hugs Pam#68

  3. Hi Kyla - Love your tags, they're stunning!! I'm still on day one of CC102!! It's great fun, isn't it? Take care & enjoy your week.
    Ann (52) X

  4. These are great Kyla. Love the effects you are getting. Maybe after pay day I will join in??

  5. I had to comment here that the AIs work fabulously well on the Gelli prints :) You may notice,, if I am one of your WOYWW stops, that I have a massive plile o' prints on my desk and it was an easy thing to grab some AI and giveit a go. Something I will surely play with a lot more...




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