Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween WOYWW

Happy WOYWW everyone.  So its that time of the week again when we all get to have a legal snoop around desks all over the globe!  

So, my desk this week....oh the organisational skills....oh the space....oh the tidiness....ooh....I cannot see my screen for my rapidly growing nose!!

Yep, as usual chaos is my ever present friend!  

On my desk is a very inky mop up kitchen roll (still some white left so not ready to be replaced yet!) and a wooden jewelry box, with a drawer and hinged lid (with a mirror inside).  I have decided to cover it all in music score to make it a bit more interesting.  I have been collecting boxes through the year, not sure whether they are going to be Christmas pressies or I may try to sell them at a craft fair next month....not sure yet, depends on how many I get round to making!

On top of the box is my 'Man Bite Dog' cards and this weeks random cards are 'Tourist Nails Naked Teen Scam'!!!!  I swear they get odder each week!

So if you'd like to visit some, then the queen of desks is the lovely Julia and all the deets can be found here 

Hope those of you in the states are all ok , 



  1. You are very productive, not messy at all... I should know, I know mess! Have a great day. Helen, 4

  2. Your desk looks very busy - is that a better word for messy? Love the wooden box with the music on it. Thanks for sharing and have a happy WOYWW and Halloween. Bye, Franka #49

  3. your random cards are very intriguing :)
    have a fab woyww
    kay #75

  4. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  5. Hello - not taking part this WOYWW, too much going on but wanted to pop by some of your desks anyway! Your box is super, love the music, and I'm sure that mop up towel will keep going a bit longer! Take care Zo xx

  6. Haha! The first thing I saw when looking at your photo was the word Naked. =D

    What do you use the cards for?

    Have a happy WOYWW!

    Zildara #103

  7. Interesting cards, what for? Music box lovely
    FAMFA 10

  8. I'm a sucker for anything with sheet music on, so I love your covered box - that's rather gorgeous!! Go sell 'em, I say, I'm sure they'd go well!!
    Hugs. LLJ #68 xx

  9. i do love your mess,

    I have posted the video for the book you wanted to know how to make...

    dxxx 70

  10. Love your music box! Your cards have peeked my interest! Hope your Halloween night is full of fun!

  11. You could write a novel each week from your MBD headlines!! I like the idea that you've been collecting boxes all year, less fond of the idea of a week to do something to them all, but am pretty sure they''d be a good seller...after all, it's not the sort of thing you see a lot on craft fair tales.

  12. Hi there. Thanks for your kind comments. It was lovely seeing you today. As to how many times I visited that stall I presume you mean either Paperartsy or Craft Obsessions....lots!
    I did go back to Paperartsy after I saw you and there was multi medium there....behind Leandra! I thought about trying to find you but that would be needle in haystack scenario! Hope you managed to find some after, but there is always online!
    See ya soon.

  13. Sam, thanks I went back asked Leandra and bought 2 jars! Thanks x


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