Friday, 26 October 2012

The postman rings twice

No not the dodgy Brando film.....the postie arrived with a parcel of die cuts from my friend Sam (who I have known since I was 11 and we used to cycle to school together.....ooh, she knows SO many of my teenage secrets!!)This is just a small sample of what she sent.

This summer we met up (she is lucky enough to live by the sea) and found out we both love crafting and both have a big we thought we could swap die cuts to see if we would use them before splashing out on buying the dies....well, I already have plans for the speech bubbles and the snowflake I think looks a little like a bishop from the game chess (the bits between the points) I have a plan for them too!  Thanks Sam, its great when the postie comes and its not bills!

This is another one of my tags that I am making into cards, I make so many tags for 'warming up' when I start a crafting session, or to practise a new technique or when I am not inspired, then I bung them all (technical crafting term that is!)  in a basket and later on (often a few weeks later!) I add some bits and bobs, some backing papers and hey presto another card!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, they have given out the first proper frost in the south west of the UK tonight, so hopefully a bright but chilly Saturday will follow.

Happy crafting

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  1. Great idea to swap like this! Love your tag and it's such a good idea to try out things on tags as experiments
    Lv Jo x


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