Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Morning peeps.  Well, Saturdays WOYWW crop was an absolute scream, I chatted, got inky, made new friends and ate a LOT of cake!!  I was shattered the next day, but it was worth it.

Hello to all those I met, and I hope those that couldn't make it have been able to recreate some of the fun via many of the blogs (but not the cake!  Did I mention the cake?....oh and the Tiffin and the flapjack....!).

So, on my desk this week....

Yep, chaos ensures (no change there!).  I have pushed all the mess to the back thrown a mushroom pate tin (dead handy as it has a plastic lid, I'm thinking storage potential!) into the mix and my 'man bites dog' cards threw up another classic statement!

This is my mop up Journal that I used to mop up the desk at the WOYWW crop so I decided to do a page about the day.  The butterfly stencils came out of the bin (Pam did the most amazing die cut butterfly canvas...but those left over pieces called to me from the bin!). The small bunting at the top came from another bin at the crop (I can't help should see me walk past a skip!!).

The card above is a wee kit Julia and Jan gave us with instructions to make something with it and post it on our WOYWW posts, so here is mine.  The only bits I added were the bunting and butterfly stencil which did come from the crop bin!  The saying "Home is where the heart is" is made by cutting up the instruction sheet that came with the kit. I added some black stayzon around the edge of the house and hand drew a border.

Thanks ladies for a fabulous day and to those who have joined my blog.....which leaves me with one question......When's the next one?

Happy crafting



  1. I love what you can do with ink and stuff from the bin. What a great job. Hoping to work on my challenge card tomorrow on my day off

  2. Love the notion of mop up and the house card is just gorgeous. Given me a few ideas.
    have a great day!

  3. You've done your challenge already - well done. I did open the packet last night but wasn't inspired (yet) to construct it... It was great to meet you (and your inky hands) on Saturday, we had so much fun. Helen, 4

  4. Well done Kyla.,.so far the only card challenge to be done! It's the phrase I started with when selecting the kit too! Love that you've used bin diving pieces, and that true to form, you've made a masterpiece from them! I only scoff because I'm jealous!!

  5. Great recycling job from your foraging! Miss won't tell me off for not doing my homework as I didn't get home until Monday night....knackered but happy!
    Jo x

  6. Great card and page - I too pilfer anything out of the bins you should see me at Hobbycrafts on Liandras stand! bit embarrassing really! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  7. That's an interesting looking desk this week! The crop sounds such fun. X #95

  8. LOl, the bin ferreting paid off, like the page made of left overs.

    ** Kate **

  9. DANG. Everyone has attacked their challenge but me, it seems. Yours is adorable. Nice to meet you, but wish there had been more time for a proper chat. The day went by in a blur.

    Have a fab WOYWW day!

    Mary Anne (20)

  10. Hello! Super mop up page, I did enjoy looking through your journals, you really did inspire me to get inky! Your card is fab too, I did mine but left a few things out and added some. But it works! We had such a fab day, I'm still smiling! Take care Zo xx 78

  11. ha hahah

    I lost my instructions! for the house card... I did follow them for the Christmas card though...

    next time I would love to do a journal page together?

    I promise I will bring my bin for you,

    dxxx a hundred and something (106)

  12. Hi Kyla - laughing here as I can vouch for you scrabbling through bins and poly waste bags - I kept wondering why the plastic waste bag on my desk was being moved around :)

    Super card you made there with the homework kit, mine's rubbish but didn't want detention - let's hope we have another WOYWW crop soon!

    Di xx

  13. It sounds like a good time was had by all. Crops are great for inspiration.

    The bears @#105

  14. Wow sound like you had fun and did you mention cake! Love your mop up journal its brilliant = thanks for sharing have a good week - Nicky ~49

  15. Hi kyla
    now I remember I have visited before I remember the manbites dog cards. . . fab
    love the card you did with the fleft overs from the bin ... inspired. Love your challenge card veruy similare to mine... but mine is still in my head so could be changed a bit. I have become a follower so I can keep an eye on you ready for the next crop
    thanks for sharing
    janet #47

  16. Kyla, it sounds like you all had a wonderful time creating together!

    #137 this week

  17. Love your pages and I see a lot of goodies here.

  18. Sounds like the crop was a blast... and well-rescued on those butterflies and bunting! I'm the same with bins and skips... so you're not alone!! Love your mop up journal page - looks so cool... belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  19. Yay! So fab to meet you! I was trying to describe the boots you were wearing to Lil Miss B, and she's requested a photo of them, if you can (oh, and where you got them?) as she says "they sound lush"...

    WTG on the challenge card - I couldn't see my desk this week so I'm planning on hitting the challenge this weekend.


    Morti #42

  20. I am a bit getting round but my week has been a bit topsy turvy since THE Crop!!
    Fabulous card and great page. OOps! Not done my homework yet but hey! Rome wasn't built in a day....they are still building it!
    I have the same question...when is the next one?
    Thanks for becoming a new Follower.


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