Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A wee man trapped!

Phew, it has been a hectic week.....3 gigs (1 folk, 1 punk and 1 proper old skool rock and roll), waved my brother off to Ecuador for another year and closed down the caravan ready for the winter season!

All in all, very little time to play in the craft room (let alone answer the blogosphere!).

I did however have time to download a few photo's of some of my recent resin makes.

This is a wee man who I trapped in resin.  Now, I have a bit of an odd confession, I quite like taking photo's of railway figures in odd poses....(no...not that odd!) you know, workmen digging with a pic axe on a piece of broccoli, now this little fellow isn't 'doing' anything, so doesn't really fit in with my 'scenes' so I thought I would encase him in resin.  No idea why, more of a case of "I wonder if I can....".

I also tried a multiple layered resin piece, this has a layer of resin with watch parts in, allowed to dry overnight then another layer added.

I just need to drill a hole and string them so I have another 2 'different' necklaces!

Right, bath and large glass of red (I know, on a school night!) are beckoning!

Happy Crafting, and to those I owe a response to....promise I will get round to it in the next couple of days!



  1. Wow these look so fiddly and yet I suspect it's easy to do? I've not worked with resin so don't really know to be honest! Sounds a mad week, gigs galore, hope you enjoyed them all. Take care lovely, Zo xx

  2. Predictably, I suppose (steampunk being so fashionable), I really like the one with watch parts in.


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