Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hello all,

Well, the past 2 weeks have been an Internet mare!  We decided to change suppliers and ended up with no phone line or broadband service for nearly 2 weeks!!  Which is why I have not been able to blog.

But now I am back....
On my desk this week....well basically its everything!  After a trip to the craft show at the NEC I have a few more goodies to find homes for so I am trying to have a bit of a tidy up....they say these things get worse before they get better!

The Man Bites Dog cards this week are "Bizarre model stabs crooked teen!!"....I swear they get odder each week.

If you'd like a legal snoop through desks across the globe then pop over to the queen of desks, Julia here 

Happy Crafting



  1. Hmmm, I am so fascinated but completely ignorant...what are the Man Bites Dog cards? Well, they look very interesting, as does the rest of your desk. :) Very happy for you that you've gotten your internet back. Deeyll #66

  2. I am also intrigued by the Man Bites Dog Cards and your desk looks the way it should.....Happy:)
    Silvia #77

  3. I actually saw these cards in a shop recently and said aloud not thinking, 'Kyla!'to which I had strange stares and my mum asked me what I was going on about! Hee hee. Glad you grabbed some new goodies. No desk from me this week, I'm preparing for my weekend away where I shall be meeting my fellow Crafty Boots DT!! Can't wait. Take care Zo xx

  4. We wanted to go to the NEC but sadly couldn't make it. It's fun looking at everyone else's stash buys though.

    The bears @#93 so far this week.

  5. Could not bear the idea of 2 weeks without internet, the phone would be ok, but not the net!! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your desk! Helen, 3

  6. Ah, glad you did some damage at the NEC!! Nice little stash you have there :)
    You will forever be associated with Man Bites Dog now!!
    LLJ #68 xx

  7. Oh ho... a fellow NEC shopper! Hope you enjoy your goodies as much as I plan to enjoy mine (as soon as Sunday comes!). Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  8. Now I know it's says Studio on that pot of paint/gesso whatever, but in line with the looks like STUD! Just me then?!!! Very surprised you've time. Or energy for WOYWW this week gal, you take care. Remember, crafting is therapy!

  9. interesting man bites dog cards! What are they? Great looking desk. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

  10. Welcome back, Kyla! I'm so sorry for all that trouble. We get so used to our connections, I can't imagine going for two weeks without it! I hope you never have that again.

    Nothing like getting some fun new goodies to encourage a craft space reorg and clean up/out!

    Have a great couple of weeks!! (Like a lot of us, I suspect, I won't be WOYWWing next week because I'll be in the kitchen prepping for Thanksgiving.) All the best! Darnell #41


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