Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vintage Royal Navy inspired card

Evening all, for those of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving and for those of you in the UK (especially down here in the south west) I do hope the storm and flooding hasn't impacted you too severely.

On a brighter note, it was my dad's 70th birthday at the weekend. 
Dad was in the navy and travelled the world, used to collect stamps and more recently has taken up photography.

so I took all these elements and made them into a card for him. 

The swallows and anchors represent his navy career, the map background, his travels.  I used old stamps and a page from a vintage stamp catalogue which is valetta harbour in Malta (where both my parents were stationed).  I then added some TH mini film strip and attached it all with my new tiny attacher I bought at the NEC (I recommend this attacher, I have rheumatoid arthritis so my hands are not too great, but I have no issues using this....basically its great!).

As to the gift....what do you get a 70 yr old who needs nothing?  The answer was an MDF (from MDF Man) remote control holder (I swear remote controls breed!) which I covered in pages from a vintage stamp catalogue (the stamp catalogue is a great find, it cost about £2 and has hundreds of thin pages perfect for craft!) and distressed it a bit.

I think he liked them both...they are certainly unique!

Anyway, the rain is lashing outside so time to settle down to some steaming hot veggie chilli and some trashy TV!

Happy crafting



  1. Wow Pidge this card is wonderful. So Unique and personal. Love it. Happy Birthday to your Dad too.
    I saw those remote pots and thought of buying one for Hubby. Wish I had now. I did buy a couple of bits from there but not got to them yet.
    Great you put a thumbs up for the attacher. I did wonder if it was a gimmick but obviously not.
    It was great to see you and perhaps next year we can plan a meet up??
    PS thanks for the visit earlier x

  2. awww that's a lovely card! i hope your dad had a brilliant birthday! xoxoxo


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