Wednesday, 23 February 2022


 Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and I hope those in the UK survived the 3 storms we had in the past few days.  Boy it was windy, then floods, then hail, more rain and then more wind!  Red alerts from the Met office (let alone 2) are thankfully rare.

Anyway, on my desk this week is an absolute mess!

I am making the last of my Christmas cards (well until November).  Most years I try to make 20 cards by the end of January.  However, this year has been a bit manic and like many of you, by the time I finish work I am too knackered to do anything let alone housework or crafting.  However I have managed to make 18 cards in readiness for Christmas!!  I know, the C word, BUT I do find making this many at the start of the year just takes a little bit of pressure off the latter end of the year.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "Judge Blames Suspect Mayor!"  Well, as I live near a city with a Mayor that are currently undergoing a bit of "debate" regarding their budget probably best not to comment!  

I am now going to put my festive papers, off cuts, stamps and toppers away and I need to crack on with making some birthday cards as I have gotten a little low on them in the past couple months.

So, do share, whats on your workdesk?



  1. well done on getting ahead with your C cards, I've always had enough of making them by January but maybe one year I'll give it a go! Glad you stayed safe from the storms; let's hope we've over them for a while at least! Happy WOYWW Helen # ?

  2. Happy WOYWW. Christmas. I have definitely packed away my festive stash (which needs a good sort-out, as only just fits in the Kallax cube which is designated for it). I am thinking about Easter now (I only send out 3 cards, but I love the colours and images). Ali x #14

  3. Oh well done getting prepared in advance Kyla. It must take the pressure off indeed. I do like how you repurpose cards as part of the process too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #12

  4. Oh my giddy aunt gooood luck with your Christmas cards Kyla 🎄that's a fab head start you have. Hoping you get some gime to put your feet up. Sending hugs Tracy xxx #23 xxxx

  5. Brilliant getting that number of Christmas cards ready. That number almost covers all the cards I need! Happy WOYWW Angela #2

  6. I try to get my Christmas cards done a few every month so I am not in a crunch in December. So, I think it is very wise of you to do Christmas cards early. Thanks for the peek at what you are doing. Happy Day. #24

  7. You’re always busy and I’ve often wondered how you fit in card making! You’ve done really well towards Christmas and I totally understand why you do them so early, it’s a good thing. Your desk doesn’t seem Untidy to me, More resting mode between inspirations!

  8. I am in awe of your advanced preparedness for the dread C word holiday. Awesome. Love to re-use stuff too and your MBD makes me ponder government at all levels, esp. in light of some recent decisions. Interesting times....

    Happy WOYWW
    Mary Anne (4)

  9. Well done on the Christmas cards!
    I make them all year round but then need to make more in November.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #13

  10. Hi Kyla, yes it is water mint. It smells lovely but is a rather vigorous grower! WE have frogspawn in one of the ponds. I have 4, none of them are large.


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