Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Wednesday again and that mean that its time for 'Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday'.
I missed last week (and the return visits, sorry) as the past few weeks at work have been rather hectic meaning I have had NO time for me, hubby, house or crafting!

Anyway, that is why my desk looks the same (apart from the paper bag which is full of sugar free Gin and Tonic sweets!!)

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this weeks are 'Tough Beauty Blasts Killer Movie'........not been to the cinema for a while (something I plan on changing) so no idea which movie this could be!

Happy crafting


  1. so you came to the desk dealt the cards and dumped the bon bons? Hope you find time to sit down and art this week... dxxx#20

    1. Yep that's basically what I did!!

  2. Happy 400th WOYWW. Hope you get some crafty time soon - and eat those sweets! Ali x #5 currently

  3. I had to smile when you mentioned Gin and Tonic sweets. Lady M would like those (Steampunk Gin Lady) as she puts gin in everything. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x 23

  4. Great cards this week.
    Happy 400th and have a good week
    Christine #22

  5. Sugar free sweets not sure how that is possible and hope they taste good. Tracy #31

  6. Mmm gin and tonic in any form! Hope you're feeling OK girly, hate to think that work is getting the best of you all this time.

  7. Gin and tonic sweets nice,

    desk ready to start crafting,

    Happy WOYWDW Lilian B #14

  8. Hope you have time to craft soon. Happy 400th WOYWW. Sarah #17/18?

  9. gin and tonic sweets??? yummy!! Happy 400th. Helen #1

  10. Ooooohhhh those sweets sound good!! Mind you I could do with an actual Gin and Tonic at the moment :-) Hope you get crafting time soon. Anne x # 11

  11. Could be almost any movie these days! I'm sure you will be crafting agin soon when things wind down. Happy 400th! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

  12. Hope you get some crafting time soon - looks as though you desk is ready to go! Chrisx 34


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