Monday, 20 February 2017

Mail Art RAK

 Look what came in the post?  Fabulous hand drawn and painted Mail Art all the way from France!  A huge thanks to the lovely Donna of

I met Donna via the WOYWW blog and when we met at one of the early crops we got on really well and when she moved to France we kept in touch (see Julia, your hard work on WOYWW creates real as well as virtual friendships).

It has been great to follow on her blog Donna and her husbands hard work in building their dream in rural France (which is odd as two other friends of mine have recently also moved to France to build their home and another two friends are planning on moving there in a few months!!) and now art is being made too.

I love this postcard and the delicate ink drawings (so fine and detailed) and the free abandonment of the watercolour splashes.

On the back of the postcard is also a sketch of a young woman.  
Donna, I love it and thank you-watch the post as something may be heading your way too!

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) of an arty nature are lovely and this is now sitting proudly blue tacked to my craft room wall which is filled with postcards that people have sent me over the years on their travels.

Happy crafting


  1. That's lovely. There are some very talented folk who take part in these desk sharing shenanigans.

  2. how gorgeous, and kind too.. you seem to be losing friends to France at a rate of knots..... gives you some lovely places to visit for holidays though!


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