Sunday, 19 February 2017

last lot of Christmas cards!

 So not had too much time to craft recently (pay the bills job, illness you know how it is) but I did have a final push on my last lot of recycling of Christmas cards and tags.

I made another 7 cards using different elements, stamps and some additional glitter (can a card ever have TOO much glitter?!)

 So that is just over 20 cards made ready for December.  I won't make any more but it just means that when I am panic making presents later in the year that I know that I have some cards already made!

Happy crafting


  1. Considering I teach card making for a living, I have failed miserable at making Christmas cards the last couple of years! I love that glitter sentiment. You can be smug come December :)

  2. Great cards Kyla, it does most certainly help with the Christmas panic to be ahead.
    Hugs, Shaz Xx


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