Monday, 16 January 2017

Street art in London

 I recently spent a few days up in London as my husband was playing in his band 
The Setbacks at the 100 Club in Oxford Street (where the Sex Pistols, Lemmy, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney etc have all played).

This was an ideal opportunity to abandon some of my  tags and check out the street art.

This tag is sprayed with inks and dyes and the image I carved from lino, adding some white posca lines for definition and a bought sentiment stamp.  I abandoned this down by Blackfriars bridge and hopefully someone found it and took it because they liked it.

All around the city (if you know where to look, usually back streets) are some amazing pieces.  This one was on the pavement under a street light and during the day it was hard to see, but when the street light came on it really lit the image up!  

The piece below was just below a bridge, no label or plaque, just a really unusual piece of street furniture!

I also stumbled across this whilst out searching for art-never noticed the building before.

Of course, there are lots of small pieces dotted all across the city for you to find by chance, however, street artists like Invaderwashere also have interactive maps where you can track his pieces in different cities across the globe-instantly recognisable for his mosiac space invaders.

Then there are pieces that are SO colourful

Like this pedestrian crossing we found!!  I must admit I really love this idea and would like to see more of them across the country.

 Only a small selection of the art I found across our capital and because it is always changing with something new to find.

Happy crafting


  1. you really found some fabulous places! I need to go more and look more! love that crossing.

  2. If I get organised I will drop some art in Paris tomorrow love your London haul


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