Sunday, 8 January 2017

A year of walking

I haven't blogged recently, this is mainly down to several things. 

 First I have been making Christmas presents so cannot show what is on my desk!  

Also my Rheumatoid Arthritis and the drugs I take for it means I have a compromised immune system and after 6 weeks of feeling sick with two lots of anitbiotics, working full time, yadda, now how it is, something had to give!

However, one thing I did continue was my instagram account and my daily walks. I thought I would do a roundup of how they came about and some of the highlights-so grab a cuppa and settle down as it is quite photo heavy!

So how did it all being? 
Christmas last year my husband bought me a Withings watch. 
 Now, I rarely wear a watch (timekeeping is not high on my list-I tend to turn up sometimes early, sometimes late.  Although if I am chairing a meeting at work I know it infuriates some people!) BUT I did use a pedometer but it kept falling off my belt etc so he bought me a classy french activity tracker. 
 It looks like an analogue watch but also connects via bluetooth to your mobile device and tracks activity-but as it looks like a watch no one else knows!

So, Boxing day 2015 I started a DailyWalk challenge with myself.  I thought I would walk everyday.  I started short and worked slowly up.  Some days with my RA in flare I struggle to walk unaided to the bathroom and some days I work very long hours without a break so I was realistic.  I would try to walk most days, regardless of weather for a year.  I didn't set myself any other goals (those that know me know I am NOT goal or target driven).  I didn't take a photo everyday but most times I did.

Some days I walked around town.  Now I am very lucky that I currently live near Bristol.  A beautiful city full of wonderful architecture, street art and lots of different cultures whilst having some amazing parks and open spaces and being surrounded by countryside and a working harbour.

Some of the walks were around my work or from home.  I am lucky (again) that I live very close to the shared Bath/Bristol path and also a working stream railway (both in the photo above), the dramway (an old industrial network of paths) and near a stream that flows down to the river.

 In the past couple of years a local group has placed some sculptures around some of the more popular pathways.  This stag is full size!

 Sometimes the steam railway has special events such as this vintage transport day  which makes my daily walks much more interesting.

 Some days the walks are just round the local area at work or in the parks

 Sometimes I time it for a coffee break or sometimes even lunchtime.

 I saw lots of spring flowers this year and several sorts of local wildlife.

I even continued my daily walks whilst I was on holiday

and on wet and muddy days too!

The Weightwatchers weekly newsletter even published some of my instagram photos!

I came across areas I didn't know existed and found some positivity in the strangest of places!

On my walks I also found a bounty of foraging opportunities.  From hazelnuts,

Blackberries and sweet chestnuts and 

 even more blackberries...

 to fabulous plums and apples

 so many I was able to fill my freezer with produce and make lots of jars of chutney to see us through the winter months!

Some walks were just round the estate or to the local supermarket (searching for reduced yellow sticker goodies, another pastime on mine!)

 either way, a year later come rain or shine I am STILL doing a daily walk!

Personally I think it has helped me.  After flares it helps me stretch out gently, gives me time out  helping mentally to clear my mind as well as fresh air and exercise-all for free.

Will I continue?  You bet I will. But its not a new years resolution-after all, I don't like goals!



  1. I am so pleased "we" will be continuing your daily walks, they have been great fun and "we" have seen some great things. Well done for keeping it up for a whole year - and good luck again for this year, goal or not...xx

  2. Fantastic Photos. Why not schedule a walk around Severn Beach and make a day of it!


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