Saturday, 14 January 2017

A production line of tissue holders

There is a story behind these pocket tissue holders.
I struggle with sewing.  To be honest I am not great with measuring, cutting or detail but I do actually enjoy sewing.  I mentioned to Fiona (Staring at the Sea) that I was looking to make something small and she kindly sent me a link to her blog where she makes these.  Now, Fiona is a sewing genius, seriously, she has the ability to make something with relatively difficult instructions into something clean and simple to follow-it is a true skill.

So, for the first time in AGES (and I mean years) I followed instructions for sewing and not only made one (which I have no issues with) but replicated them MANY times (and that is my issue-I struggle to replicate and produce something with a consistency).  In fact I kept replicating them!!!!

They are great for using up smallish pieces of fabric and are perfect for keeping one in each handbag, desk drawer, pockets-yep, I did make quite a few!

I sent one over to my auntie in New Zealand and also made her a glass pendant for Christmas (as I am unable to send over items such as the elderflower cordial or lavender bags due to quarantine and infection regulations).

I think I will keep making these little tissue holders as they are sweet little gifts to keep handy in the present drawer for those moments when you need a small gift.  Do you have any small crafting gifts you make in advance for those "just in case" moments?

Happy crafting


  1. I feel I might need to have a go, I am not organised enough to have spares in a drawer 'just in casé' I use the panic like a mad thing and make a last minute gift approach

    1. They are SO quick to make, hence I made several in one go!

  2. I use them for folding up a carrier bag to keep in a keeps them flat and out of the way!


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