Friday, 12 February 2016

Two down, seven letters

Afternoon all, I thought I would do a quick update to show my latest card.

The picture is not the greatest in the world but I am hoping you get the general idea?

The question is can you guess what is it made from?


I found some puzzle wallpaper in a DIY store and asked for a sample piece.  
When I got home I cut them out, matted and layered and then mounted them and viola, a card!

No clues to the crossword unfortunately, but that doesn't preclude you from making your
 own up I suppose?

Happy crafting


  1. a wallpaper with a crossword puzzle.. clever idea unless you have kids who then learn to scribble on walls (not that I needed puzzle paper to do that as a kid myself...) Great idea for a card though.

  2. Lovely idea...I like the idea of making up my own clues, after I've filled in the answers! sudoku and me don't get along so I don't count that. Is it a good idea for wallpaper? can't make my mind up"


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