Sunday, 7 February 2016

CollaborART fabric project

 On the Collabor-ART blog I belong to we are doing a "Chinese Whispers" style circle journal.  
It involves choosing a theme (mine is Architecture) and making something with some fabric/stitching in it.  
You then email the picture to the next person on the list along with a small envelope of haberdashery goodies.  They then use your picture and maybe an item or two from the envelope to influence/make the next item and so on until it goes all the way round back to you.
Now the good thing about this is that you don't have to trust your precious handmade item to the post or take time off work to get to the post office as its done by email.

I have posted off my envelop so thought I would share with you my first 'make'.

I thought I would make a fabric journal on the architecture theme.  To make life easier I thought I would make the individual pages first and then think about bringing it all together in a journal once they are finished (NO idea how to go about that, but I am sure it cannot be that difficult!)

 I decided to make another reverse appliqué picture so I started with calico, black fabric (that I cut an archway out of the middle) and various green fabrics  for hills.  the whole lot was stuck with bondaweb and backed with cheap muslin.  I then drew a stone archway on parchment paper and pinned this to the fabric and machine stitched the design.  The cute pin cushion on the right was a gift a couple of years ago from fellow WOYWWer Lunchlady Jan and gets used for all my sewing sessions.
You then tear away all the paper to reveal the fabric underneath
 Then you need nerves of steel as you cut into the fabric, being really careful not to cut into the layers below!

 I then machine stitched the tree trunk and shading for the window ledge

 Then I hand embroidered the leaves using seed stitch and a variegated green thread

My first page of my new project finished (well, until assembly of the journal that is!).

Happy crafting


  1. loving your archway, Kyla!

  2. It looks great. Maybe next time 😊

  3. That is amazing - I love what you've done!

  4. Oh wow! This is just amazing - I would have messed that right up! Had screaming frenzy and had to start again about 5 times.

    I love the contrast of that black with the window scene!


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