Saturday, 6 February 2016

Westpoint show and some more street art

 Now I doubt I am very different from many of you, working too many hours in the pay the bills job not leaving enough time for socialising, crafting or family? Sounds familiar eh?

So, after realising that I had worked almost 3 days unpaid overtime in the past few weeks I decided to take Friday off in lieu and hubby and I went down to the Craft4crafters show in Westpoint, Exeter (hubby earned some serious bonus points for this!).

The show is a reasonable size but sadly, for me, it wasn't that great.  Many of the stalls were selling what I traditionally think of (probably unfairly) was slightly 'older' styles.  There was a lot of 'pretty' patterned fabrics, pastels, a LOT of decoupage or kits where you can assemble a card from the components only in the kit.  Nothing wrong with that...but it is just not my 'thing'.

There were some nice pieces on display though, such as this egg tempura icon (as we discussed it the lady who made it came over to chat as she was pleased someone actually recognised the medium she used). Loved the frame she made from metal too.

This piece was by Steph Francis.
 I love her dyed silks and embellishments they are so beautiful to work with.

We walked round the show twice but all I bought is a magazine (the new issue of Workbox...not in the shops yet so pleased with that) some cellophane bags (that were on my shopping list) and one sheet of card!!!  I know, that was it!

On the way back we broke the journey back up the M5 in the driving rain by stopping off in Glastonbury, a favourite haunt of my late teens/early twenties when I bought my first car.

We checked out some of the new street art

 before a quick cuppa and heading home back in the wind and rain!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, what ever you are up to.


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  1. It sounds quite a disappointing show, pick and stick has never been my style!! however, the street art is fabulous.. Just got back from Kew, got 200 photos to go through to decide which ones to blog!


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