Friday, 29 January 2016

Repetitive colouring to ease the woes

Hello peeps.
The 'pay the bills' job has been taking over my free time at the moment so I have had very little time to craft.  On those occasions when I only have 15 minutes I try to grab my coloured pencils and spend a few minutes colouring.

Certainly in the UK the colouring craze has really taken off over the past couple of years.  
About 4 years ago I started colouring again, mainly through zentangles and journalling but the phenomena of adult colouring means there are many more books to choose from.

My favourite is a Sci-Fi graphic novel colouring book but at the moment I am quite enjoying the repetitive nature of this foliage book.

My pencils are just the cheap ones I have had since I was a kid (literally the ones I had as a pre-teen!) but they do the job.  I have been looking into the pros and cons of a couple of different types (polychromos and coloursoft are the two that keep appealing to me) and may treat myself for my birthday.

Happy crafting

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  1. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of play! great colouring though..


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