Friday, 22 January 2016

Locksbrook Cemetery, Bath

 Not a crafting update but I thought I would share some photos I took recently on a walk one crisp morning around a local cemetery.

 The gravestones in the early morning light really showed the frost off and they sparkled like they had been dusted in glitter!

 The architecture in this cemetery is truly stunning

 The buildings are made of Bath stone, that instantly recognisable warm honey stone

The views across the city of Bath are truly spectacular, there are many churches in the city so you often see one of them as you gaze across the city

 Here you can see the golden dome of Beckfords Tower at the top of Landsdown.  Built in 1827 this 120 foot tower is open to the public and you can climb the steps to the top (I haven't, but my husband has).  Its golden dome dominates the skyline.

We have some fantastic cemetery's in the West Country (I plan on going to Arnos Vale in Bristol) and they have some great photo opportunities, stone carvings and structures.  It was too cold to take my sketch book so I only took photos.

Happy crafting



  1. gorgeous photos, Kyla - especially the beautiful Bath stone.. so glorious!

  2. Beautiful pics Kyla. It's so long since I visited Bath but I did love it.
    Jo x


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