Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hello fellow What's on your Workdesk Wednesday crafters.....a bit of a cheat this week as my desk is covered with ATC's in production ready for the anniversary swap and crop. 

 So I thought I would show you my recent purchase.

Craft storage is something that many of may also struggle with.  I know that those pretty craft totes etc look great but I do have a theory that you put a craft twist on something and it appears to double the price.

This bag is heavy duty with outside pockets and a large strap.

 It has a full length zip which opens out to quite a large cavernous space inside with more pockets.

 All from rugged canvas and a plastic water resistant base.

Now how much would this cost at a craft show?   Well, in B&Q it is only £18, I thought that was really good value (and hubby seems to agree as I had to take his amp, bass pedals and cables out of it before taking the photo....he was 'testing' it and now wants one for himself!)

I also bought these clear vinyl zipped storage containers from the scrap store at the weekend (I bought 4) for 50p each!  They originally would have held goodies from Boots the Chemist, but for that price I had to snap them up.  I thought they would be perfect for throwing stamps, inks etc in to help keep my new craft storage tote nice and organised.

I hope to use it at the crop as last time I brought FAR too much and it was in MANY bags....I will try to be more organised this time!

No "Man Bites Dog" cards this week, but I will try to remember to bring them to the crop again.

Happy crafting



  1. great ideas for the storage, it is true though that if you say its for crafting they double the price just like weddings!
    Happy WOYWW thanks for sharing

    Charlie.x #13

  2. I have a bag quite similar to yours. Originally bought to house my Sizzix machine, back in the days when it was a heavy metal lump with a lever! Looking forward to the crop on Saturday. See you there!

    Fiona #7

  3. A fab bag Kyla and those clear storage bags a perfect. Annie and I have sent our parcel of ATCs to Julia for the crop. I hope we can swap that way! x Jo

  4. Oh those bags do look mega-useful. And a bargain price too. Lovely to be able to say See You Soon!

    Happy pre-crop WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  5. That is a good idea. Throw a few bows and ribbons on it and bobs your uncle.
    Love the idea of those little clear zip bags. Will have to keep an eye out for those. :) #31

  6. Hi Kyla, I'm totally with you on the 'craft' thing. It's definitely an excuse to add zero's onto the price tag. See you Saturday,Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

  7. Hi Kyla, hey great bargain -super useful tote will certainly hold lots of stuff for the crop...have fun Cheers RobynO#15

  8. Can't wait to see you! That bag is perfect for all your bits and bobs. Am sure you will fill it perfectly!! Take care Zo xx 51

  9. That looks like a perfect bag for crafty stuff on the go :) Have fun at the crop. Thanks for sharing :) Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

  10. love those bags! looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Helen 4

  11. Great storage! Like you I took far too much last year - trying to be sensible this time! See you Saturday! Chrisx 55

  12. Nice bags! Great to keep craft stuff organized! I usually take too much stuff to a crop but the minute I decide to leave something home.... that's when I needed it. Oh well. Hope you have a great time! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #53

  13. It seems as though calling it a craft product gives them the right to put the price up.
    I think PVA glue is one of the worst as craft companies sell it in tiny bottles and charge four or five times more for it.
    Have a great time on Saturday and a happy crafty woyww, Angela x 34

  14. It's been SO long since I've been here, and I feel bad, even though I haven't played in WOYWW for a long, long time. I'm in total agreement that once something has a hobby and craft use, the price is much higher. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how fabric used to be so cheap it was cheaper to make your clothes, than buy them. Not so anymore, because the price of fabric, even from big box craft stores, has gone out of sight.

    Have fun at the crop and be sure to get one of my ATCs. I'll be there in spirit, if not in person. Happy WOYWW from #9.

  15. £18?? Blimey, that's amazing for such a sturdy bag. You and I both know how much it costs to make a tote - not far off, is it? I bet you'll use that loads, even if you do have to fight off your hubby, lol!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

  16. Oh, I love finding ways to store and organize my supplies that aren't always the most conventional. And those clear zippered ones are so great! I love that you can see through them. Have fun sorting and putting away...It's one of my favorite activities too.
    Hope #60

  17. Kyla,

    It looks like a tradesman's bag as I have one like it for work myself and yes they are wonderful sturdy bags. Hopefully you had fun at the crop as it should be over by now I am getting to visit rather late sorry.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 67

  18. Give me a good sturdy bag any day over something that's just pink and not very sturdy. I've seen the same item made in black or red sell for half the price of the pink version. I hope you had a great time at the crop : D. #58


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