Wednesday, 6 May 2015


 Hello peeps, Wednesday again so that must mean it is time to join Julia and bare all!!!

On my desk this week is my journal (on the right), some air drying clay shapes that are drying, the cork camera embellishments I bought at the craft show are slowly being painted black and silver (back right in front of the Xacto knife) and a high gloss gel being painted over to seal it (Judikins gel is in the blue and white pot).  On the front left is a free leaflet about gin!!  Well, it has some nice images on it so I will be cutting that up as free ephemera!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Judge Sues Dead Cop!!'  I swear I hardly ever get a nice headline!

This is a close up of some of the air drying clay shapes I have made.  The grapes and bottles are from a mould I bought at the craft show. Once they are dry I need to paint/stain them ready for use.

So, why not join us and share your workdesk, over at Julia's blog (link over on the right).

Happy crafting



  1. the clay pieces look great!! Are there any nice headlines in your pack?!! Have a great day. Helen (no #) xx

  2. L O V E the journal page. Fab. Oh dear, what was my number? ah 9!
    Mary Anne

  3. Not that many "nice" headlines in real life either... except perhaps now with the little princess in the UK... she actually made it on the front pages here too, though small in the top right corner :)
    Kristiina #14

  4. Nice desk with a lot of interesting stuff. What are you going to do with the clay thingies?
    Gabriele 15

  5. There's a lot of booze related stuff on your desk this week...been having fun researching??
    You asked about a cross body bag in my last post.....I just made a small lined pouch bag (no zip), with an external pocket. But the strap has to be way longer than you think. It can either be in one long piece, or I do it in two lengths and use a rucksack-type strap adjuster if it's for someone else. You can get packets of two for about £1.50.
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  6. oo lots happening on your desk today like the journal page
    Happy WOYWW
    thanks for sharing have a great week
    Charlie x {Mrs.C} #5

  7. Hi Kyla, I see you using these Man Bites Dog cards but have never really known what they were but realise they are something related to journaling. I love the pages with the houses on, gorgeous. Happy woyww, Angela x 23

  8. Out of all showing on your desk I am just drawn to the journal! Love the colors!
    Glenda #27

  9. I'm sorry, but being a doll and teddy girl, the first thing I saw on your busy desk was the cute ted!!Lots of interesting projects on the go.I have had no time for paper crafting for ages!

  10. I am quite taken with your journal... looks like a lot of very creative ideas happening on your desk this week.
    sandra de @32

  11. air dry clay! one more thing to try! thanks for the inspiration!
    robyn 4

  12. Hi Kyla, love those air dry clay shapes. I have a pack of that stuff somewhere! And an assortment of moulds. Love the journal pages too- glorious poppies. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #31 xxx

  13. Love the clay shapes, Happy WOYWW - BJ#35

  14. I love all the miniature air drying clay figures you've made. They'll look beautiful on your projects. Happy WOYWW! #41

  15. Hi Kyla. Love the look of the clay pieces. Really looks like you've been having fun.
    I am planning to send ATCs to those going to the crop so you can have one on the day and am sending a stamped addressed envelope for anyone wanting to swap with me but please don't feel you have's just what I am wanting to do as I am unable to go this year.
    Annie x # 13

  16. I love the clay pieces. I have some molds and clay but keep forgetting to get them out. You've inspired me to do so. Looking forward to seeing you at the crop, should have blue hair too! Lol Take care Zo xx 53

  17. Lots of drink related stuff on your desk today ... been partying? Seriously, Kyla, your clay shapes are lovely. Today's headline did make me chuckle :) Have a good week. Elizabeth x #51

  18. I have some of the same molds. I use polyurathane in mine. that way you don't have to wait for it to sets in 10 min! #11

  19. Gosh the detail n the clay is wonderful, that mould was a good buy! I can't zoom enough on this bloody iPad to assess your truth telling....from here it could be prescription for gin for all I know!!!

    1. Haha, prescription for gin....would be interesting to see if I could get that on repeat!

  20. I love your journal page-though not got a clear view! Love your clay pieces too. Weird headline you picked out there!! Chrisx 49

  21. Busy desk - lots to see - thanks for sharing,
    Bernice #21

  22. the clay shapes are fab looking forward to seeing what you make! Lea number 43


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