Sunday, 10 May 2015

Crotchet...I will conquer it!

 Saturday the Coven had an outing!

We went to a crotchet teaching at Emma Leith 

It was a brilliant morning where Emma (who is a great teacher with the patience of a saint!) fed us with brownies and coffee whilst teaching us how to crotchet.

It all takes place in her house in Box which is a beautiful, vibrant and artistic home.

 The room we were taught in was light and bright with some wonderfully crafted items decorating it.

 We left having all managed to complete some crotchet with a ball of wool and a hook to take home and continue

Emma also does other courses.  Check out her website

As it was a nice day we decided to extend it and the coven then went on to the Scrap store in Lacock.  A charity that repurposes items that would be sent to landfill (fabric, paper, packaging etc) for lunch (they won a grant for a small cafe)  and a look around the shop/warehouse and some fabric and storage purchases later we headed back to extend the Coven day with drinkies and a takeaway.

A lovely day out with friends, food, drink, crafting and supporting a local charity to boot-what's not to like!

Happy crafting

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