Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WOYWW Crop update

 Welcome to WOYWW, and I admit this is not my desk but a round-up of the 6th Anniversary crop on Saturday (hope that is ok Julia?).

The day started with coffee and cake (Julia and Jan keeping us supplied and I think that is Cindy Cashplant in the back).
I brought a TON of stuff...but once again I have NO idea why I bothered as I spent the entire day chatting to everyone and not doing any crafting!!

 We tried to split ourselves into Clean and messy crafters.....Morti was sewing (a lovely cross stitch) and was heard to point to my stash asking who was sat there to exclaim "Oh she is dirty!!"...Now in ANY other instance this would mean something else...but I think we all know what Morti meant....her lovely clean fabric would not remain so if she sat any where near me!!!

There was some lovely crafting that others were doing (just not me..there was cake to eat and chatting to do!).
This was a canvas that Debbie Rocks was beautiful.

 Cindy was very patiently forming flowers (and entire box of them!) with Helen in the background doing what she does best in her journal (after seeing it in the flesh, I now need to purchase some Fresco Paints...Helen, you are a bad influence!!)  :-)

 Julia very kindly chose my "Man Bites Dog" cards this week and this is the headline she chose!
 There will be many photo's I am sure of the group on other blogs and Shaz and Doug were there first thing before they left for a wedding and then in the afternoon we had a lovely surprise of Janet Fairythoughts and her hubby were able to visit (Cindy, Jan with her back to the camera, Zoe, Janet and her hubby.

 Janet had made some lovely notebook covers and some bracelets too and whilst I was chatting with her she said I could have this lovely, it reminds me of the Paua shell you find on the beach in New Zealand where my family live.

Many ATC's were swapped but I will keep them a surprise until after the swap date.

It was fabulous catching up with people and I found looking through people's journals amazing.

Julia and Jan, you both done us proud.  It was a lovely day and who would have thought that 6 years later people would still be meeting and sharing experiences all through their love of craft.

I for one am so pleased I found you all!!

Happy crafting



  1. great photos - I thought about keeping my atcs secret (should have done, too late now)The notebook is gorgeous. Helen , the bad influence, no number lol!

  2. I was in awe of the pictures you took. The coffee and cake looked fantastic. Looks like you had fun, you messy gal! And I learned something about you tonight. Your family lives in New Zealand. You got a fantastic book cover. How thoughtful of Janet. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  3. A good crop & I'm sure you've received some lovely atcs as well. Happy woyww Jill #10

  4. looks like you all had a great time :)
    Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
    Charlie.x #11
    or find me here

  5. Great to see some pics from a different viewpoint! It really was a lovely day...the only negative was that it went too quick :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

  6. It's good to see the crop in many perspectives
    Bridget #2

  7. Well, I'm obviously the only one who thinks that particular crop perspective isn't great!! Horrid pic of me, makes the cakes look good though! I'm still thrilled by being the card picker..and actually, you could get other combos that would be even more fascinating...just swap hubby and thug for a start. I'm ever so glad you found us too!

  8. I have always wondered about atc's and whether they all need to be the same or different - and its so nice that when you swap you build up a collection :) lea number 24

  9. You will be pleased to know I have used (most) of those flowers on a card - will post a piccie when it is received. It was a great day and I think I spent more time looking at other stuff and chatting. We have some really talented peeps in this group. So lovely to see you Kyla, sure glad you are in the group as well! Happy WOYWW Cindy #25

  10. Looks like a fab day and the notebook cover looks really special.
    sandra de @32

  11. It really was a lovely day! I love that we all have different view of the crop! Great to see you! Where did the time go though!!?? Chrisx36

  12. Hi Kyla, hear hear! It's so lovely to meet up and chat with all the friends we've made through Julia & Jan & WOYWW. Don't worry, you can sit by me again next time, rofl. Saw Debbies finished canvas on FB, it's gorgeous. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xxx

  13. Yay thank you for all the photos.
    So much fun had by all.
    I am hoping to convince hubby I need to get there next year. :) #58

  14. looks like you all had a great time.

  15. Looks like everyone bad a fabulous time! I'm loving the teapot and all of those darling mugs...and of course spying on those chocolates and other goodies as well! :)

  16. That is such a gorgeous notebook cover! I love the mess/clean division lol. Sounds like so much fun was had, after reading the posts I almost feel like I was there : D. Happy WOYWW! #53

  17. Helen... at a desk?? :D :D Ooh what a treat to look through everyone's journals.

    I'd have been a dirty birdie along with you ;)

    Carmen x #74


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