Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Happy WOYWW, I will keep this short as things are still, as you'd expect, a bit hectic after the past few weeks (see previous post for update).

On my desk this week....ATC's! Also some cork sheet, some plastic boxes (bottom left) for storing my stamps (I have decided to remove them from the wooden basis to free up some room) and a couple of pieces of green leather..all for 50p at the local scrap store, bargain!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this weeks spell out "Suspect Stuns Cruel Singer"....ooh, I wonder what will materialize in the news tonight!!

The queen of workdesks, Julia leads the legal snoop of desks (albeit with some sangria in tow at the moment!!) so why dont you pop over to her blog and check it out.

Happy Crafting 


  1. Short and sweet!
    I love ATC's and am making extra for WOYWW 4th, so if you aren't my * neighbor, leave me a comment that you would like one.
    robyn 92

  2. Oh I tore most of my stamps of the wood years ago, saves so much room. I still have a couple Iris carts with wood mounted stamps, but just can't seem to get around to them. Most are small so it doesn't really bother me I guess.
    Krisha #108

  3. Whilst I agree that it is more convenient to have stamps unmounted, there is something so lovely about favourites block mounted and they are inspiring just to see them.
    Looks like you are having lots of fun there,
    jo x

  4. Fab, you are always finding good bargains! Funny cards as always. Great desk too. The cork intrigues me! Take care lovely. Zo xx 82

  5. oooh what are you going to do with the felt and cork? I have never seen the cork on a roll like that
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  6. Oh Kyla, I'm so sorry to hear about your's such an awful thing to go through. I'm so glad he saw that lovely LO you made. Sending big hugs to you and lots of love too.....
    LLJ 22 xx

  7. How are you and your mum doing gal? Its a long and complicated process for sure. so glad your brother has been home to support you and especially glad that you were able to share that fab anniversary gift a little early....karma, huh. am a bit scared to look at the news now, in case the cards are coming true!!

    1. Complicated is an understatement! Xx

  8. I am so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. That is so hard. I do hope you are coping ok. I'm so glad your parents had your anniversary gift.

    I would love to have your freezer paper technique - I have some of that Reynolds freezer paper!

    take care

    Lucy x

    1. Lucy, its really easy. Iron fabric and cut to A4 size. Iron freezer paper (glossy side onto fabric) onto fabric. Feed through printer then peel off freezer paper. I then let the picture dry for 24 hrs then iron it for a couple of mins with NO steam and protected with brown paper (or used freezer paper). The ink shouldn't smear. I doubt it will withstand washing but its still soft and stitches perfectly. I use it for words and sayings as well as photos. X

  9. Why do I never get bargains then? Interesting words. Just saw your last comment.
    So sorry Kyla.

    1. Sam.....its only a bargain if u need or use it! Hence my over stuffed room xx

  10. OOOh the possibilities!
    Karen #64

  11. Sorry about your loss, Kyla. So very hard but I see you are handling it in a way that works for you. Hugs! Great bargain on the felt. I use to say I never found good bargains like my friend Sonja but they seem to be finding me lately. Not sure that's all together a good thing LOL. Hugs and Blessings!
    Kelly #123

  12. Love love the ATCs! My condolences on your loss. Nan #98


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