Sunday, 21 April 2013

3D embroidered picture

Hello everyone, I hope you were able to enjoy the sun (if you had it) yesterday...I certainly did.  My hubby, brother and I went around bedminster in Bristol in search of the large bugs (82 in total) that have been painted and erected around the area on shop fronts etc. A great few hours topped of with a sneaky pint in a local venue that used to be a tobacco factory.

It was a lovely day, we haven't had many of them over the past few weeks.  I will keep it short, but a couple of weeks ago my wonderful father sadly passed away.  So every waking minute has been organising and dealing with 'stuff'.  Thankfully my brother (and his lovely new wife) have been over from their home in Ecuador and they have been such a great help.

I was delaying posting my latest make as its was an anniversary present for my parents, dad passed away 2 days before their 44th anniversary but luckily they opened it a few days before whilst I was there-so I thought it was time to post it on here.

 This is the finished piece. 

 I scanned the newspaper article about their wedding and printed it on fabric (using the freezer paper it or message me if you want the deets).

I then added various pieces of fabric, organza, silk tops, lace etc and free machine embroidered it to secure.

I added some words, buttons, feathers, silk cocoons etc and a mixture of machine and hand embroidery.

I was so pleased that my mum and dad opened it before he died, he had a lovely smile on his face....a nice memory.

Right, enough woeful thinking for now, I just thought I should explain why I have not been on here as often as I would.



  1. Hello again Kyla. I just had to pop back.
    Sorry to learn you have lost your Dad. So glad he saw this beauty though before he went. It is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sam, I was so pleased and have a lovely photo of them opening it. Xx

  2. so sorry to read your news Kyla :( sorry I didn't see this sooner. I hope you are ok x

    1. Thanks, getting there a little, day by day


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