Wednesday, 3 April 2013


All around the world crafters are crying "Wednesday?  Already?" or "ooh, thats a nice clean desk" and suchlike.

Why? I hear you cry.  Because of the wonderful Julia and her blog  where you can legally snoop at desks across the globe.

So here is mine:

It's strewn with bits and bobs from a card making session (as well as bits and bobs from previous sessions...".I may use that soon so no point putting it away yet" get the picture!)

My "Man Bites Dog Cards" this week (see, I remembered this week!) spell out "Romantic Star Shoots Nurse"...oh, thats not nice!
This is the card I made (well, 3 of them as lets be honest it takes just as long to make a few if they are the same as it does one...if you see what I mean).

Right, I am if you'd like to snoop around some desks across the globe pop over to Julia's desk...go know you want to  :-)

Happy Crafting



  1. Yes I make my cards in 2 and 3s as well as it is easier when you are stamping them to make a bunch the same.. Love your trees so tranquil..
    Sandy :) #16

  2. thanks for sharing your desk your gorgeous card and yes 2's and 3's is definitely a good idea...Happy WOYWW...hugs kath (23) xxx

  3. The card is the image of the trees. Wish I could make 2 or 3 at a time but I have the attention span of a gnat and always want to move onto the next project! Happy WOYWW. Pam#14

  4. What a great card... good to see the man bites dog cards back!! Helen, 4

  5. an interesting desk this week and I love the card you have made so nice to see someone using kraft card

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #33

  6. Oh I totally see what you mean, and my desk is crammed to bursting with stuff I may need again in a minute...!
    Love the film strip edge on that image..was it already there or did you add it? Took me a minute to figure out what that ink sponger thingy was!

  7. Ha ha I have that same card set...and we have such fun times making up silly sentences with them, what a laugh!! Love your card and the way that you made the picture and stamp look like an old photo! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #13

  8. Pretty card! Love the layers. Happy Wednesday! SueC#94

  9. Lovely card. Happy woyww, jill #28

  10. Kyla, I love your style. I often make cards in groups of 5 and ATCs in groups of 12 when I sit to make one 'general' card. I mean, the supplies are already out, right? LOL Look forward to seeing more. Creative Blessings! Kelly #103

  11. Hi Kyla, lovely landscape on your card!

    Happy woyww

    Debs #63

  12. Looks like your desk is pretty full. Impressed with the skirt you made too.
    Karen #192

  13. busy desk again, I totally get the whole why make one card when 3 for the same time will do... although they usually have a small difference too. I love the stamped scene and the colouring has a lovely vintage feel.
    I'm sure one of the newspapers must have printed a headline like that recently
    janet #27

  14. G'day Kyla
    Its only my second week doing WOYWW. I'm late as I have had a few huge busy days and just had no time to get to the computer. As well as when Julia posts the WOYWW post I am at work and its already in the evening here on Wednesday by then LOL. Love the words you spelt out...not keen on the scenario though as I am a nurse LOL. Gorgeous landscape card too
    Annette In Oz #74


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