Saturday, 29 September 2012

Deep breath....I used a pen nib

Now, I am sure I am not see some fab stash, finally you give in and buy it, you get home, stroke the stash, covet the stash....anything but use the stash!

Now, a few weeks ago I made this tag with the idea of using a pen nib as the body, but I only had 3 left in my stash!  After days of agonising I decided to buy some more before I used it, only to find the shop I bought them from no longer sells them!  Panic started to set in....whilst I love TH nibs (with the cute words on) they are far too expensive for everyday use.....what was I to do?

Then I had a brainwave (no idea why it took so long!)....try on line auction sites!  Hey presto, a few days later I was the proud owner of over 100 pen nibs for only a few quid!  

So this meant I can now use my nibs with no fear of running out any time soon!

I mounted the tag on some TH paper which I distressed with some wild honey (my favourite colour at the moment) and stamped the TH splatter stamp in wild honey to tie it all together.

One nib down, 99 odd to go!

Happy Crafting

Li'l  Pidge


  1. What a great tag! I have done exactly the same and bought my pen nibs on e bay as otherwise they would be too expensive to use!
    Lucy x

  2. Love your tag and yes I get mine on ebay too though never been lucky to win that amount ! wow
    Von ♥

  3. wow this is beautiful. I love the bright colours, well done on using the nib, its so hard to use all these lush things we buy. xx


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