Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Finally I have a chance to do a WOYWW after a couple of hectic weeks...hello dear friends!

So, on my desk this week, very uninspiring, its my netbook (but look the rest of the desk is still remarkably tidy!!)!  After the best part of 3 weeks of hectic activity at work and socially (yep, I actually have a social life outside of craft!!...well I must admit it involves drink, punk gigs and comedy nights...oh and a school reunion.....of which I will remain silent!) I have finally gotten round to starting to load up my photos and finally started to print some off!!
I know!  Does anyone actually print photos anymore?  I suppose scrapbooking is the main if not only reason I print off my photos.

So I have finally printed off my photos of the gorilla trail that happened in Bristol last summer (lots of life size gorilla's hand decorated and hidden around the city) and I intend to do a scrap book of it (mind you it took the best part of 6 months to actually print them so I wonder how long the scrapbook will take?!?!

Anyhoo, if you fancy a legal snoop around desks all over the world (that STILL amazes me, after all this time!) pop over to Julia's blog here 

Happy crafting

Li'l pidge x


  1. I hope it doesn't take you as long to scrap as it did to get the photos printed. Enjoyed the nosey at your workspace (Hazel, WOYWW #5) x

  2. Have fun with your scrapbook.

  3. I bet you have got some fab pics of the WOW gorilla's. I only met the Bristol Rovers one, 'Irene' was her name. I have a pic of my son with her on the fridge. Enjoy scrapping those gorillas. Happy Wednesday to you, enjoy this week's snoop of oh so creative places & take care. Zo xx 83

  4. My StepD lives in Bristol and never mentioned the gorilla trail - sounds huge fun.
    Thanks for the snoop at your desk and a happy WOYWW.
    Ann B

  5. That's the great thing about photo's ... they will always be there ready for when you get round to scrapbooking them! Happy WOYWWing. Debbie #89

  6. I don't print until/unless I am scrapping them. Enjoy working on your album. I bet the photos are amazing! Dani43

  7. Sounds as though you've been having an exciting time. I like your screen saver. Good luck with getting all your photos printed.

    Sherry - WOYWW #6

  8. I am bad about the printing off of the photos but the scrapping goes faster. It seems like printing them off sparks a desire to "create"!!!

  9. Hey..nice to see you, sounds like you've been having a real and fun life! I did a similar book about the Berlin Bears after a trip....I bet it won't take you long once the printing's done...the photos just get in the way if you don't do it!! Enjoy.

  10. There are sites that will print off photos for you for very little cost and postage.. Aldi sometimes have offers and a friend got 100 prints for £5. Some sites at present offer 50 free prints. It really isn't worth using you time, paper and ink at those rates!
    Sliding in for a late snoop and it looks like you've been enjoying yourself!
    JoZarty x


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