Monday, 27 February 2012

An overdue catch up

 I finally have some time to blog, after work (long hours not allowing me to dare they!!), trip to London (which was so fabulous) and a School Reunion (where none of us behaved like the 40 somethings we are!) I have rather neglected the blog.

So, on the crafting front, I was asked to make invites for my nephew Ethan's christening (20 of them).  I was SO chuffed to be asked, though I must admit matting an layering isn't my strong point (surely the sign of madness is being ABLE to cut a straight line on a guillotine!!) so they took me a couple of days to make, but I was really pleased with them (and hopefully the parents will too).

Now, those of you who craft know its addictive.  The idea of going away for a few days, no cleaning, no cooking, no ironing is SO attractive, but no crafting!!!  Seriously?  Are you frigging kidding me?  So, in readiness for my trip to London I sprayed some pages of my small derwent journal and did a bit of background stamping and then packed up a small zip lock bag of goodies (watercolour pencils, water brush, a few stamps and an ink pad, some sequin waste, scissors and ready stamped images and words on scrap card etc) so I could colour, cut, glue and craft to my hearts content!!  

I did this on the train up to london...some odd looks but no one plucked up the courage to ask what the hell I was doing?!

I will post a few more of the pages over the next week or so (you can't have too much of a good thing!!  lol!)

So, as a bit of self induldgence I thought I would post some of the photos I took whilst in London.

We went to the Bank of London musuem, a great trip, free and you can lift a real gold bullion bar!  Outside was this....I couldnt resist taking a photo!

We visited the British Museum (again a great free museum, apart from the Greyson Perry craftsman exhibition which was FANTASTIC!).  There are so many rooms to look round at the British Museum even on our 2nd visit we had only seen around a third of the exhibits!

This was a fabulous mask made from turquoise

and these figures were handing from the ceiling in one of the halls!

If you are ever down in London I would recommend a visit to both the museums, free and v. interesting!

Anyway, hubby is out so crafting awaits!
Happy crafting

Li'l pidge x

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