Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Use it Up!

The first full week at work....and boy is the week already dragging!!  Though the week has already been brightened by the first Coven meeting of 2012 (and the planning of which shows we want to attend, crafty retreats etc!)-I really miss my weekly get together for a night of crafting with the others-it was a hugh relief to see them all and put the world to rights!!

So, what's on show today?  Well, this is the card I made for my Mum's birthday (hello mum!). As ex Navy she travelled when she was younger, but she is amazing as she still travels having been to New Zealand, Peru and Romania (mainly walking and hiking up mountains!!) so I thought this Tim Holtz paper would be perfect.

 I added a triple embossed Buddhist (as we both have a fascination with eastern traditions) tag, flowers and a crystal pin-I can finally blog this as its her birthday today so it should be safe to blog now!!

As well as joining Kate Crane's 366 challenge I have also joined the UIU (Use it Up) challenge (blinkies are on the right hand bar)-you know the scene, pretty shiny crafty stash calls out to you 'help me, please save me from this imprisonment in  the shop' so in an effort to HELP the poor innocent stash you take it back to be loved and stroked in your craft room.....but alas, loving and stroking isn't enough for you!  Before long, another love comes along, prettier, more strokable stash and you begin to covet that-and your original stash becomes buried and you forget all about it!!!

Well, something like that!  So, I know I will buy stash, but in an effort to only buy things I KNOW I will use I am going to try and Use It Up!!

This is my first UIU:

The container is an old microscope slide container that I coloured with alcohol inks and stamped crows on it, some old bead trim I have had for AGES, an old button and some fabric roses I found in my button tin (didn't even know they were in there!!).  Inside is lined with old music pages and the skeleton is from Poundland (about 5 for £1) back in October with red crystals added to her eyes.  The glass jar was bought from Paperartsy at the NEC and I filled it will seeds from the kitchen (I think fenugreek)

I added a cotton reel wrapped in fancy wool as a stand and there you have it......my first UIU.

Also, a big Hello  to my new follower, Laura, from the artful splodger.  I met Laura at the NEC, she sells the most amazing stampotique and Octopode stamps (as well as many other lovely pieces).



  1. Super cute lickle UIU you have done there. Now why couldn't I find small skeletons when I wanted one? Hubby brought me one about 18" tall!! Glad I didn't ask him for a tall one ey!!

  2. Welcome to the UIU!!! I am Loving the Skull!!! Can't wait to see wait else you come up with!


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