Tuesday, 3 January 2012

1st WOYWW of 2012

The first WOYWW of 2012, I hope you all had a wonderful time, if you had time off, I hope you had the opportunity to spend some of it crafting.  

So, on my desk is proof that I DID NOT make a new years resolution to keep my craft room tidy (why make one you know you will break on day 1).


 I can't show what I am making as its a card for my Mum's birthday but yes, it does involve a glue gun (I seem to use this an awful lot these days, not sure if its an addiction of whether embellishments are just getting too heavy!!).

Anyhoo-I hope you all have a crafty 2012 and please pop over to Julia's blog (link on the right) for a nose around desks and crafty spaces (and sometimes floors!) from all over the globe.

Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge x


  1. I have to agree, we are all starting to bring out the glue gun. For me it's the quick dry element. Just can't wait for the drying. Love creations on your other post using resin. I think I will have to pop back and have another good look.

  2. I came across a glue gun at home when I was putting something away (kind of!) must get to grips with it, all the best crafters seem to use them! Happy WOYWW and 2012.

  3. As per Alice & the hatter~ A very merry un-birthday to your Mum! Have a happy WOYWW! (and congrats on not breaking a resolution LOL) -Amanda 28

  4. Hot glue - the best! When I worked in a school, I used to race the kids to be the first to use it!! Have fun using it :D
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  5. Love my hot glue gun the best x x can't wait to see your mums card, Hugs May x x x x

  6. I quite agree - why make a resolution you know you will break. Mine is to be Happy (happier?)and is there to be broken and fixed whenever it happens. Should make me feel better if nothing else.
    Serious glue gun there! Wow.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1 (and thanks for putting your number, makes it so much easier to return the comment)

  7. Great creative space and i didn't make any resolutions at all ... well maybe to craft more this year!! Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  8. I've always wondered how all the heavy embellishments manage to stay on cards! Now I know, lol!

    Brenda 76

  9. Only resolution I made was not to make any new year’s resolutions this year.

    Think I may have to do a bit of investigation into these glue guns as I’ve never used one.

    Happy Crafting !
    And a Happy New Year.

  10. I have my glue gun on my workdesk (when I have a workdesk that is). I think it is one of the most useful tools I have and my DH agrees. I have had to rescue the glue gun from him an more than one occasion. LOl
    Happy WOYWW

  11. I like the quickie dry of a glue gun...but they don't last long those little tubes of glue, huh!! Well done on the non-resolution, am so with you!!

  12. Haa Haa! I haven't got resolutions this year as I know they will be broken. I have Objectives instead!
    Show us the card when your mum has had it!

  13. I can never seem to get on with a glue gun - got rid of the one I had - perhaps I should try again some time. Would love to see the birthday card when it can be revealed (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  14. I'm a big big fan of the glue gun! I hope you share your card after your mom's birthday!

    Katie #81

  15. A great first crafty peek of the year - who needs tidy? Not us crafters! Happy new year!

  16. I enjoy the bird's eye view of your desk. I'm not a fan of the glue gun but I see them cropping up more and more often. Maybe I need to check and see what in my life might need a glue gun.

  17. A tidy desk is over rated anyway! Hope the card for you Mom turns out just the way you want! Happy WOYWW #5 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  18. I think I need to buy a glue gun that gets hotter. It sure does make things stick though.

    Happy New Year!!

    WOYWW #92

  19. Don't have a glue gun. Use to use them in school with the kids. Thanks for sharing your desk. Happy New Year. Anne x

  20. Great shot of your desk and your glue gun looks a lot more substantial than mine. BTW, I'm nursing a couple of burnt fingertips after using the gun on my last project :) All the best for 2012. Elizabeth x #60

  21. Great shot of your crafty and creative desk! Good to see so many WOYWWers back in action now that the xmas mayhem has settled!
    xoxo Karen


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