Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Let's be upfront and honest, this isn't my desk and the photo wasn't taken today!!!!  The desk is my entire dining room table (fully extended-so it seats 8) and it was taken on Saturday-does that make me a bad person?
The reason is, I had my 2 nieces over for a days crafting on Saturday, we made cards and gift tags and got very inky and a little covered in glitter glue!!!!  This is the disaster zone afterwards.....I bet you can guess how long it took me to take it all back upstairs to my craft room-but oh what fun we had!

It's always lovely being able to share your crafting with others (it can be a lonely existence when you craft) and even more so when its with family!

On a sad note, Sarah Lawrence died suddenly last Friday. A fellow WOYWWer.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

So, if you fancy a nose around some desks them please pop over the Julia's blog (link over on then right).
Happy Crafting

Li'l pidge x


  1. Love the mess on the desk. It so sad to hear about Sarah. If she was your friend, then my condolences. Hope you have a good WOYWW! -Amanda

  2. It is a messy table so it counts. Or at least it does in my book.
    I spy a lovely snowflake stamp there. Hope the little people had fun!

  3. a messy table is a sign of a full and happy heart I think.... you must be a very popular aunt letting them get in and do all that!!!! They will remember it for ever that you were the fun arty aunt... cool xx

  4. How great to share you love of crafting with your nieces. Such a good auntie!!!!

    When I join in on WOYWW (hopefully next week) it will be my dining room table that I show because I don't have a full time designated craft room. So yes, I think this absolutely counts!!!!

  5. How utterly lovely of you to practically empty your craft room so the three of you could enjoy the big table...loving the resulting photo - no bad persons here!


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