Tuesday, 6 December 2011

ooh...a market

Only a quick post...the other night I took my hubby to his gig in Bath (he plays bass in a couple of bands) and whilst he sound checked I decided to have a nose around the Christmas market in Bath.  Wow...SO pretty...its held in the street surrounding the abbey and there are about 140 wooden huts selling food, crafts and local products (and the inevitable imported tat!!)

I was SO impressed with myself as I spent NOTHING!!!!  The gig was free, parking was not too bad and a couple juices at the pub...so a lovely cheap night out-the first one I have had for SO long-and the bands were great also.

If you get the chance to pop into Bath then its worth it before the market goes (some time next week I think-google it...there is a dedicated website!).

Anyway...a quick post....off for an early night as I am exhausted.
Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge x

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