Thursday, 1 December 2011

Some new techniques

I have made a few cards recently trying out different techniques.  This is stamped using 2 ink colours onto fabric and mounted onto some card which I sanded back around the edges.  Not sure how to attach the fabric without it showing through so decided to use brads.

 I'm loving the stamping onto fabric, its so tactile and adds another dimension to your card making.

Now, my first love for many years is photography, I loved transforming my bathroom into a dark room (complete with a red light...goodness knows what my neighbours thought I was doing!!) but after the initial flush of success with digital I found I was getting bored.  So, after flicking through my dad's camera magazines I noticed someone creating scenes with every day objects and 00 gauge railway 'people' (had to use '' around the word people....they're not real are they.....I mean, they don't wait until my back is turned and play around with my crafting stash do they?  They'd better hubby knows what happens when I find him ferreting in there looking for a pair of scissors!!).

So this is my first attempt.  The 00 gauge construction workers have been placed on some black kale (tastier than it sounds...honest!!!). A nice different male card I think, do you?

Next, this is a card I made for my Dad's birthday.  The frame is a copy of a medium format negative, the background paper is a downloaded from some clip art I found.  I couldn't find any vellum (I wanted to somehow 'dull down' the background) so I used the backing sheet from some rub-ons I had and mounted a clip art of a retro camera.

So, a few different techniques...I need to decided on one as I have my 2 lovely nieces over at the weekend for a crafting day...not sure whether to do some altered art or Christmas cards (get them to make mine.....oh, now that is a good idea!!).

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting
Li'l Pidge x


  1. You could actually machine the fabric on to the card which i lovely :) and I love you construction men very funny lol
    Have a good weekend
    Von x

  2. I agree with Von, sewing the fabric on would work great. Either machine or hand. Love all your cards - they're quirky and unusual! A very different take! Well done! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #61

  3. Thanks ladies, totally forgot about sewing it on!!! Doh!



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