Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hello WOYWWers!  I had a few problems leaving comments on some blogs last week as the comment form only seems to give google/aim...etc and doesn't default to the BLOGGER form or give you the option to include your URL, so sorry if you didn't get a returning comment from me..I did try!

So, this week on my desk....well I have just finished making a wedding card for the lad who works for me (you never know, he may read this so I wont post it until after his wedding in Oct) hence the spellbinders pearlescent waste (by waste, I mean more stash for my scrap box!).  Also, my collection of tomato paste tubes for metal embossing is coming along nicely...just need to make something with them all now!!

This is the birthday card for one of the Craft Coven members (Happy Birthday Tracey) you may have had a sneak of in a previous post. I made a book of spells card, embossing the front with a distressed mesh finish, adding some foiling, a witches potion embellishment, torn holographic paper then I made a creepy embellishment, a spells tag, flower and a TH pin.

 The central embellishment started out as a plastic white key hole plate!  White-honest!!  By the time I added thick black acrylic paint, metal rub on waxes and then some lovely thick matt medium gel it was totally grunged!  I then added a couple brown metal brads and stuck a wobbly eye in the middle staring out at you!!
So, please feel free to pop over to Julia's blog (blinkie over on the right) and have a nose around some other desks.

Happy Crafting

li'l pidge x


  1. A fellow Terry Pratchett fan - yahoo! I adore his books and characters, the Feegles are some of my favourites :D Like your spooky keyhole, made me hoot! Hugs, LLJ xx

  2. What a great desk. I especially like those tomato paste tubes, you must show us what you decide to do with them.

  3. I can remember some one using paste tubes for something ...but I have forgotten what lol. That eye staring out of the card is quite spooky ...but so much fun.

  4. Love your project, I recall the tomato paste tubes being used for embossing with, and soft drink cans too.

  5. Some very interesting things on your desk.
    Happy very belated WOYWW


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