Monday, 12 September 2011

I have been very lax in blogging recently.  First I was on holiday (camping in a wet field in Devon so couldn't craft) then I was really excited to meet my new nephew, Ethan....all together...1,2,3....ahhhhh.....  isn't he lovely.  A big well done to his mum, Lucy and Dad, Scott.

After being on holiday we came back to find LOTS of our chilli peppers had ripened (we have so many unripe ones and it doesn't look like we are going to get anymore decent sun, so any top tips to ripen them please let me know!).  I was going to dry them but decided to pickle them (I love pickled chillies with cheese.....yum!).

 I haven't really made much as my mojo seems to have taken a late summer holiday, I tried making some bits but they were rubbish and things just don't seem to be flowing.

I finally made a couple of cards

I had already coloured the images so there isn't much to these cards that could go wrong...I just hope my mojo decides to make an appearance soon as a couple of cards in 3 weeks is not very good!

If you see a mojo, probably sipping scumpy in a sunny beer garden tell him to get his backside back here (weird, I always see my mojo as male, even though I am female........what does that say about me?!?!).

Li'l Pidge x


  1. What a litte sweetie he is :) and cute cards . As for the chillies there is still time for them to turn red but you can use them green, just means they won't be as hot phew lol

  2. Aw!!
    You may only have done three cards but they are cute!
    As for Mojo's they are male. They keep disappearing when you want them - think Dinner time - they disappear 5 mins before dishing up!! Simples!!

  3. I ripen tomatoes in egg boxes ( preferably polystyrene ones) don't know if it will work for chillies but it's worth a try.
    That little babe is so sweet!
    Love joZarty x


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