Sunday, 21 August 2011

Why Bristol is great for Craft

Before I start the debate, here is one of the tags that I made from scraps.  The flower is made from scraps, the suede hanger is a scrap from making my necklaces the other week and even the dyed lace is  a scrappy left over piece.

I added some of the foiling around the edge (I am so loving the foiling at the moment).  But then I discovered a black box frame and the tag fits perfectly!  What a great way to display my tags (I thought I could change them regularly).

 I also found a folding ruler in the shame shop and broke it down into pieces (using TH scissors, I must admit I use these as proper tools and so far they have not failed me).  I then dyed the ruler (which was BRIGHT white) using alcohol inks and glued them around the frame.
 I am really please with the result and have bought a few more frames and am going to decorate them as I am planning to do a Christmas stall (somewhere....have no idea yet)

So, back to the title.  Why Bristol (UK) is the best place for craft?  Well, mainly because there are SO many free museums (the new M shed, art museum etc), add to this there is ALWAYS something going on for free (or very little money) and they nearly always have an arty slant to them.

Take this weekend for example, there was the Bristol Motorcycle event in town, lots of Harley's, vespa's etc-so many photo opportunities-free.

Then there was the See no Evil event in Nelson Street.  This was a free day long event, pop up shops, bars, road closed so astro turf, flower beds and deckchairs could be laid out.  Artists from all over the world have created some stunning art on the side of the dirty grey buildings.

 They even brought out a piano and decorated it with line art.

There were so many different styles...How can people say this is not art?

Another reason Bristol is cool for craft?  The old police station has been converted into artist studios.  I came across this guy doing resin work. He has managed to capture fag butts in a jar complete with smoke and added marbles, seed beads and glitter

Then outside the police station, they decorated the wall by blasting away the dirt creating patterns, but what caught my eye was this yarn bombing!!!

And last but by no means least...the gorilla trail.  60 full size gorilla's that have been decorated have been placed around the city until 7th September.  This is brilliant, it has brought people together, locals and tourists.  I talked to SO many people over the past couple of days hunting these beauties down...they just start conversations. (the people NOT the gorilla's!)...I know Bristol was previously voted the most smiley city but I think they may now win the most chatty!

The downside?  I now have hundreds of photo's to process at home!!!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. Wow! You have made me think a little differently of Bristol! Not one of my favourite places to navigate!!
    Enjoy your photo processing!

  2. Fab way of displaying tags :)
    Bristol sure sound like a place worth a visit :)
    Von x

  3. Bristol does look to be a great place for art and artists! No debate from me :)
    I love your frame with the ruler!! Fantastic idea! And your tag made from scraps is so pretty! I think this kind of item would sell very easily at a craft fair!
    xoxo Karen


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