Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Fingers crossed that this works this week...blogger has not been working too well recently-the server keeps rejecting my pictures!!!!  Sorry for those who couldnt see last weeks desk and tags. 

So, What's on My Workdesk this Wednesday?! My red box of scraps is on the right of the shot-yep, still ever expanding...but at our weekly Coven craft night I only took blank tags and scraps (and some inks and a few embellishments I keep in my crop bag) and managed to make 3 tags!!  Just from scraps, I was very impressesed (one of the tags, not quite finished is in the middle of the desk)

On the right (on top of my scrap box) is my homemade stamp-a-ma-jig (no way I was paying over a tenner for one)-not tried it out yet (the wooden T square and thick plastic sheet) but it cost me nothing!  Next to that is a striped pink paper bag-in here is half a meter of freezer paper.  I love the idea of printing onto cloth but a box of freezer paper is over a tenner and if it doesnt work on my printer then thats a tenner I could have spent on crafting half a meter will be enough to have  a play and decided if I want to invest in a box-fingers crossed my new printer likes it!!

In the middle is my tattered floral leather and suede flower I am making and some lavendar.  I picked it from the garden and once its dried I separate it out in the takeaway container (which eventually gets put through colin!!).  This bunch produced a whole zip lock bag of flowers.  The idea is that Christmas pressies this year will be handmade, elderflower cordial (already made), greengage jam (already made...but need to stop eating it!!) and homegrown lavendar hearts! (and maybe some sloe gin later in the year).

On the far left bottom is a new glue gun and clamp set my dad bought me at the weekend.  I have been using his old (over 20 years old) glue gun, but its so stiff I find it difficult with my hands and then the rubber tip broke off so now I keep burning myself!  So time for a new one.  BUT, it takes 8mm glue sticks and I cant find any that size round here, if anyone has any ideas (the make is Arrow, I'm told a very good USA make) please let me know.

So, feel free to pop over to Julias blog (there is a link over on the right) nad have a nose around desks across the globe!

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge x


  1. What a wonderful desk - love the tag! Very resourceful of you to only use scraps. Have a great day.

  2. I love homemade Christmas presents like that - it means so much more. Your tag is very smart, don't you feel great when you've used only scraps to make it?! xx

  3. Isn't it strange how the scraps mount up even when you keep using them - mine do that. Thanks for the peep at your creative workspace - Hazel WOYWW #65 x

  4. good, I can see your photos this week :) Great plan to give homemade presents this year - I think they are always welcome. Your tag is looking good too. Elizabeth x #70

  5. Hope that you are having a fabulous WOYWW! I can see the pics this time! I am sure if you google around you can find the glue that you are looking for on the net. Hopefully Blogger will continue to behave for next week! Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

  6. How sweet of your Dad. Bet you can buy gluesticks by the ton on ebay. I have a home made stamp positioner too - works a treat.

  7. Presents that are home made are just that much more special! I wish I was that far ahead.
    Happy WOYWW

  8. I'm having a quick trip round the WOYWWers before I start on my next batch of little African dresses. It's great to see what you're busy with this week.
    A x

  9. Nice to see your desk this week, just had to imagine last week! Great ideas for the homemade Christmas gifts and talking of gifts how nice of your dad to get you stuff. You can try for the 8mm glue sticks too.

    Brenda 80

  10. Let me know how the freezer paper works. I will give it a go.


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