Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A special WOYWW

So, what's so special about this weeks WOYWW?

Well, it's my last one in my 30's!!! By next WOYWW I will be 40!!

So, I will be officially old enough to know better!!!

So, back to my WOYWW was not a good day at work so for a change I decided rather than working until 7pm I wold leave early, lock myself in the craft room and get messy!

I can't say what it is as its a pressie for a dear friend, but once it's finished and they have it I will of course share!
Happy WOYWW and please pop over to the blog for a look around the other desks.
thanks and happy crafting
Li'l Pidge x


  1. Hi, Enjoyed my snoop round your desk and I'm now intrigued to know what it is your making. Working until 7pm doesn't give you much time for playing in your craft room so good on you for releasing yourself early for a change. Enjoy your birthday when it comes - your on your way to the best time of your life :) Elizabeth x #79

  2. Welcome to the best decade, turned the big 40 last year and so far am loving it. Feel far more chilled and relaxed than i did in my 30's.
    Happy Birthday.

  3. See you have your sequin waste out too!
    Have a great Birthday!

  4. Best solution to bad day at work - crafting - looking forward to seeing what you are working on ~ Nicky no. 9

  5. Ahhhh....the glorious 40's! An early welcome to the club! Star 102

  6. Well, I have to say that being 40 (and some) hasn't made me any more grown up I don't think - but it is without doubt a fab time in my life, hope your experience is the same.

  7. Your desk looks great and full of creativity. Happy Birthday for whenever it is!

  8. thank you ladies-age is just a number, I have had 2 numbers since I was 10 and if I am lucky enough I will have 2 until I am 99!

  9. OMGosh time just got away from me this week. Now I can't remember where I've been. The columns look Sorry to be so late visiting. Maybe I will just still till the next WOYWW...lo

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs,Lucky #2 Marjo


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