Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day. My lovely hubby made me a 1980's inspired mix tape (but on a flash drive) with songs such as 1-2 crush on you by The Clash and Milkman of Human Kindness by Billy Bragg...such a lovely hubby!

So, I decided to start using up some stuff that I 'found' when I cleaned up the craft room (how did all that stuff fit in there?).

This card is made using some Ten Second studio metal sheet which I embossed by hand (the old fashioned way-until I get the Vagabond Machine that is!! Hubby promised it as my 40th pressie when its finally in the UK!!) and coloured with alcohol inks, mounted on gold textured card, finishing with a large flower embellishment.

My biggest news is that, last weekend the Coven threw me a 40th Party (at the wonderful Jill's flat) It was a great night, lots of food, drink, laughter and some balloon sculpture (don't ask!!),so a big thank you to you all (and to my best friends who had to travel back to the 'sticks' on public transport after many cans of cider!!).

This was followed by my hubby whisking me away to a posh hotel in Devon where I had my first (and hopefully not my last) hot stone massage! It was wonderful, very relaxing and amazing on my poor old joints!
This was followed by a lovely bouquet of flowers he had arranged to be delivered to the hotel room (good man...after more than 20 years I think he is doing well!)

I got some lovely presents, crafting money from the coven and money from family (ready for my Paper Artsy event with Tim Holtz where the plastic is going to be well and truly flexed!!), lots from hubby, cup cake goodies, threads and a wonderful handbag from my parents.....but, I think the best one has to go to my lovely brother (who is about to leave the UK again, but this time for 18 months to volunteer for the GVI projects in South America teaching children in deprived areas as well as generally helping out digging water tanks etc) favourite drink, an entire mixed case of red wine.....

Thanks bro....and Happy Birthday (my brothers birthday is today.....ah, a valentines love child!!).
Well, I'd best go as I need to unpack and put away my goodies....where has my 3 days off gone?
Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge x


  1. I seriously cannot believe you are 40! Maybe it was because we stood in that queue so long, but I still don't believe it. Glad you had such a great time though. You will have to e mail me your address in case I manage to send you a belated card. Say Hello to Alison at Artsy Crafts and have a great time,

    Lucy x

  2. Thanks Lucy (It was an AGE in that queue!!). I'm not sure of your email address, but I will pass on your message at Artsy Crafty (I'm SO excited about it).


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