Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back, happy but knackered!

I cannot believe it's over! After all these months of waiting I am back from my first PaperArtsy session with Tim Holtz! Boy, it went was like speed crafting!
Tim was gracious as we all queued to have our photo taken with him!

I met some lovely ladies (hello!), went for a Chinese (£4 for a boiled rice!! became my mantra!) and got very inky and had an absolute blast.

Lin and Leandra's class was such fun, playing with metal, paint, inks and sprays (boy did it go everywhere!) and this is what I made:

I love the Ten Second Studio metal working tools as they are so easy and natural to use and the grunge paper hinges were so easy to colour with bronze goop (is that the technical term!?!)

A quick break (and maybe just a little shopping in the on site craft shop) then it was on to the Tim Holtz class. After such a great morning there was much anticipation.

When we took our seats...look what greeted us!

A configuration box, papers, feet and a zipper bag filled to the brim with goodies!

Tim showed us the configuration box he made, so we had plenty of inspiration

When we went to tea break (one of the ladies had her leap year birthday celebrations at the event and brought homemade cupcakes for the entire group, how lovely was that) we returned to find a fabric sack on each of our places, filled with bits and bobs, some vintage, some Tim's products (and I added a few of mine I brought from home)

I have nowhere near finished it yet, I included a 40 from grunge painted black (to celebrate my birthday (again!) in the middle is one of my MOO cards I got Tim to sign then placed it inside one of the glass bottles....I just need to finish it now.

The next morning, instead of heading back on the train, I met a fellow crafter (hello Edwina) who came from Barry and gave me a lift home (how nice is that), even nicer, it was via LB Crafts in Olney (can you overdose on craft?)

So now it looks like a bombs hit the house as all my goodies are all over the place...I'll take a photo to share all my goodies.

If you ever get the chance to go to a PaperArtsy event, I recommend it, its fast (NO chance to get bored), you learn new techniques and get to meet some great new people.

And a big hello and welcome to my new follower, Kaz, who I met at the event, HELLO (grin)

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. HELLO back!!! lol, loved reading your story of events, How lovely to get a lift back.....via LB Crafts!(going slight shade of green as I type) My house too resembles a pit of domestic horror......but my shed is now brimming with Tim lovliness! have a lovely week xx


  2. thanks Kaz, looking forward to seeing your makes from the shed.

  3. Hiya...loved meeting you too...we had a ball, it would have been wrong not to stop at LB CRAFTS....I started the break there....a girl needs supplies right?

    STAY IN TOUCH hugs xxxx

  4. Sounds you had a wonderful time! Kim


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