Friday, 16 April 2010

theres no business like 'sew' business....

Night in-nest is free of all distractions so apart from a bit of blogging, I have decided to get out the sewing machine and use up some lavender, filling and fabric and make some hanging lavender hearts that I can distress/decorate at a later date.

I have made a few so far and they are great fillers for presents or even over the neck of a bottle of wine if you are visiting as an extra little bit of handcrafted love!

So, in order to be organised, I thought, make a few....put to one side, then i have a haul ready to, just need to not get distracted by blogland or BBC6 music or ashes to ashes!!!

Ooh, also, I have been a bit busy this week and altered an old christmas choccy tin and turned it into a vegan hamper for a friends birthday

There is a lavender heart in the middle.

Happy Crafting weekend allx

Li'l Pidge x

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