Friday, 2 April 2010

1 thing i love and 1 thing I don't

There is no stopping me now. I have made a union jack cusion with pink tweed, lace and some chintzy fabric....

I love it and as you can see, its taking pride of place in MY chair! I'm loving my sewing machine, if only I had known all those years ago that cheap was not neccessarily best!

So, onto the 1 thing I don't love.

The new Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland. Now, I am a big Tim Burton fan, but this has none of dark sub plot that we have come to love in Mr Burton's films, such a shame really as the orginal story is fantastic but you dont feel as though you attach to the characters and as for the Mad Hatter, the only think I could see as mad was speaking in 2 accents, eccentric maybe, mad, no.

If you love the earlier dark humour of Tim Burtons films then I can recommend Jean-Pierre Jeunet, we went to see Micmacs the other week, a great french comedy with amazing cinematography and plots.

Anyway, that's enough non-craft blathering from me, back off to craft a bit more.

Happy Crafting

li'l pidge x

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