Monday, 26 March 2018

ooh get me new plates

Hello peeps.  I have to admit that for quite a while I have not been too well, nothing major, but the RA and immune system combined with far too long hours at work taking its toll-but I don't do "ill" so I am not a great patient!

When I feel this ill I struggle to craft etc but I do tend to sit in the craft room and listen to the radio and sometimes I do a bit of sorting or de-stashing and I decided to 'treat' myself!!

Last year I saw some Big Shot acrylic plates on sale so I bought them and I decided this was the week to swap them over!!  Get me, new product being used within 12 months!!!

Now, I admit in this fevered rush to my senses I did manage to rein myself back in-needless to say neither the lovely packaging (nice thick clear plastic that die cuts brilliantly and takes alcohol inks) or the old messy plates (NO idea what to do with them as don't think they can be recycled) have NOT been thrown away!!!

Are there ANY crafters that are NOT hoarders?

Happy crafting

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  1. Hi Kyla, lol, No I think hoarding is in our DNA! I too still kept my badly warped plates when I swapped mine, the only thing I've actually used them for was sitting on top of something that I needed to flatten, rofl. Hugs, Shaz Xx


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